Summer Rest and Renew Retreat

Friday, August 16th – Monday, 19th, 2024

Slow Down

Take a pause from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in a journey of self-reflection, authentic connection, and deep rest, nestled among the serene beauty of nature in Harper’s Ferry.


 Yoga, breathwork, and meditation to ground your awareness in your whole self. Nutrient rich, plant based meals to energize your body. Connect with the land, with yourself and the group to nourish heart. Connect with your breath, your dreams, your creative power to nourish your spirit.

Feel Rested

Take time to slow down, breathe, enjoy. Notice the rhythms of nature.  Allow yourself to be held by the land, the group, and your wise inner being. Rest as much as you want; join the group for daily yoga and excursions into nature if you feel called.


Connect directly to the earth every day to regulate sleep and appetite, reduce inflammation, and tune into the wonder of life on this beautiful planet.

Somatic Yoga

Reset your nervous system, realign your musculoskeletal system, and feel really grounded, peaceful and relaxed.

Guided Breathwork

Powerful guided breathwork journeys to help you release blocks and embrace the love, beauty and truth of your vibrant spirit.  Let yourself move through layers of emotion and conditioning so that you can access the wisdom of your deep self and feel confident and free. 

Restorative Yoga

Nightly classes focused on relaxation, rest, and inner space will support healthy posture, boost healing and recovery, and leave you feeling whole, expanded and ready to receive the intuitive guidance of your wise spirit.

Music as Medicine

Sit by the fire and sing healing songs, just as our ancestors did. Remember the healing power of music, rhythm, song, and connection.  Sacred fire gives us a chance to clear ourselves of dense energies that we pick up in daily life. As the warmth nourishes us, we remember our place in the wheel of life.

Time for You

Taking time to engage in mindful self-care is one of the greatest contributions you can make to the health of your world. Every small action, done in love, ripples out into the whole field of consciousness. Consecrate moments to love and take care of yourself and watch how life can become a beautiful flow of satisfying creative expression.

Plant Medicine

If you are feeling called to explore healing paths with sacred earth medicines, Lorien is happy to share her experience with you and assist you on your journey.  She has received immense healing from the master plant teachers and is deeply devoted to education and access for those who are called to explore this path.

Three Pricing Tiers = Affordability and Accessibility


We are offering three pricing tiers to meet you where you are:

Access Level (Accepting Applications) (Covers the cost of retreat center rental plus meals) Price to be announced. Contact Lorien for the waitlist and application

Basic Level—For most of our attendees (Covers cost plus compensation for yoga classes, breathwork, meditation, group facilitation, and guest facilitators). Price to be announced. Contact Lorien for the waitlist and application

Supporter Level (Offsets access pricing) If you are experiencing financial ease currently and feel called to support Lorien in her vision of inclusivity, please consider contributing the Supporter Price. This will ensure that Lorien is properly supported so that she can continue her work in the world. Price to be announced. Contact Lorien for the waitlist and application

Included in each tier:

Meals: Self-serve breakfast items provided. Delicious plant-based lunch and dinner prepared fresh daily by Beth, the retreat owner.

Lodging: Single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy rooms with single beds. Shared bathrooms. Optional camping to make it extra affordable (contact Lorien for details and pricing).  Campers will have access to house bathrooms and community meals.

Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation: One class Friday night, two classes daily on Saturday and Sunday, and one class Monday morning.

Community Fire:  Weather permitting, fires will be offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday night

Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Rafting, Kayaking:  Hike down the mountain to the canal, or hop in your car and drive to another spot to access the Appalachian trail. Feel free to bring your bike and climbing gear. Local bike rental services in Harper’s Ferry. If you are interested in rafting/kayaking, you’ll need to organize with a local river guiding service, or if you are experienced and have gear, you know what to do!

Group Synergy and Magic:  What happens when a group of conscious humans comes together to practice, breathe, grow and learn? Everything happens!  Get ready to remember that you deeply belong, you are seen, heard, welcomed, wanted, and you matter!  Expect authentic moments of connection, creativity, relating from the heart, laughter, and a remembering of your deepest gifts, talents and abilities.

Note: In order to keep our retreat safe we are asking for you to apply and make sure that it will be a good fit for you. Following receipt of your application, you’ll be contacted to schedule a call where we can discuss your current needs and desires.  A non-refundable deposit of $170 is required to secure your spot, with the remaining balance due one month before the retreat.   

Individualized payment options are available on request.

The doors are open…won’t you join us?

Please apply for the retreat and then we’ll book a call. 



Take a deep breath

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