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Nature. Breath. Embodiment. Ecosystem Mindset. Leading from the emerging future.

Welcome! So glad you are here.

When we become aware of our deepest values and move from a place of intention, life organizes itself around us and supports us in the fulfillment of our life’s mission and destiny.

I am here to support you in becoming the most fully realized human you can be as you identify your values, mission, and destiny,  and lean into the excitement of living your best life.

As a yoga teacher of nearly two decades, I can offer support in returning home to your body, breath, and original mind. As a lover of science and a devoted student of positive psychology,  I can provide you with research-backed methods and mindsets to help you steer your ship back on course when you’ve lost your way.

And as a human with years of recovery under my belt, I can relate to the deep valleys you may be walking through on your journey to self-realization, and the many obstacles and coping mechanisms you may be grappling with in your attempts to uncover the truth about yourself and your life.

No matter how lost, stuck, frustrated, or alone you may be feeling right now, there is help for you, and hope for a future better than your past. Let’s set up a time to chat and see how I can support you. It is my honor and purpose to help you shift into the next level of your life journey, gain traction in the direction of your goals, and watch you flourish beyond what you ever thought possible!

Let’s Work Together

Our work together will be tailored to your specific needs. Here are some of my offerings, and any of these can be incorporated into our work as appropriate:

  • Yoga to address states of body and mind; restorative and somatic yoga to encourage embodiment and healing
  • Guided Breathwork to access elevated mental and emotional states, clear emotional blockages, and gain inspiration
  • Nature Immersion to regulate nervous system, encourage play and a sense of wonder, see the big picture, and remember who you are
  • Sound Immersion to relax and restore the body, create coherence in the body-mind-nervous system, and induce non-ordinary states of consciousness
  • Plant Medicine preparation, journey, and integration to support the deconditioning process, a return to wholeness, and an amplified connection with the deep wisdom of Nature. I help you build conscious relationships with the Master Plant Teachers so that you can continue to learn and grow with them throughout the course of your life.
  • Art for Self-Care to free the creative spirit within, free stuck emotions, gain momentum in life projects, and invite surprising breakthroughs of self-expression.
  • Sacred Ceremony to shift paradigms in a powerful way. Ceremonies can include plant medicine or not; we will determine what will be most helpful for you.

Remember who you are and the path becomes clear.

Breathe. Remember.

Hello fellow traveler!  Did you know that have a unique purpose, mission, and destiny on this planet? I am here to help you remember who you are, and to hold space for your unfolding as you step into the greatest possible version of yourself, one breath at a time, one day at a time. You can relax and enjoy this process of becoming.

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Mission & Vision

I see a world where all beings live lives of dignity, where we all have our basic needs met and ample resources and opportunities to create in deeply satisfying ways.

I see those of us alive now as Good Ancestors, human beings who are willing to do the work necessary to shift into more sustainable ways of working, loving, and living, on behalf of the generations to come.

I see us collaborating and cocreating in ways that uplift, inspire, motivate, inform, and provide healing spaces for countless beings, so that together we can birth the world that our grandchildren’s grandchildren deserve to inherit.

My mission is to help as many humans as possible to awaken to their true nature, so that more of us are operating from our genius, our gifts, talents and abilities. When we are living, loving, and working from our most fully realized gifts, we have massive positive impact on the lives of those around us.

We gain momentum as more and more of us become willing to do the work to awaken and act on behalf of the ecosystem. Miracles are happening every day, and there is more hope than ever before. Won’t you join us?



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My Practice


1234 Divi St. #1000
San Francisco, CA 94220

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Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
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